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Godless Liberals Stab Troops In Back By Opposing Free Sale Of Ideology

Opinions For Sale
In which the shrill one points out problems that organizations such as the American Conservative Union have commitments based upon the current market value of holding those opinions.

What he forgets is that this is derived from first principles of the free marketeering. All Things are based upon the price that the market dictates. Thus if blinde loyalte to Dubya is what the market mandates, then of course he is THE WarPresident. Until of course the market opposes Dubya's Moral Purity! and then of course all have Opposed the NationalSocialistMarxianism of the Evil Dubya.

Now if we are to support the expose Exclusive: Conservative group offers to sell endorsement for $2M, then wouldn't that mean that Politico has turned against the free trade in free markets, and, well, must clearly be stabbing our troops in the back, because of their unwillingness to maintain the price of loyalty? That we should believe
"Our position hasn't changed," said Whitfield, who was a deputy secretary of labor in the Reagan administration. "It won't change. I am fundamentally, philosophically opposed to doing what the Obama administration wants to do [to FedEx], and so is our organization."
[ cf politico take ]
Since there is no conflict between being Opposed to the godlessNeff of Obamanation, and picking up 2 mil for doing the ideologically corrector thingie... You know, because it is the fair thing to do, as the market demands.

Remember, you can do what the MarketDemands, or you are in bed with Terrorists Destroying Our White Christian America with your Godless Capitale Gains Taxes, that cause Gay Marriages.
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