drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Liberals Advocate Devil Worshiping!

When her husband was in the oval office Laura Bush launched an initiative to promote literacy across the country. Unfortunately, there was no comparable effort to promote numeracy in our nation's capital. This has been evident in the discussion of the stimulus among politicians and commentators in the week since the June job numbers were released.
[ cf Our Economy Needs at Least $2 Trillion in Stimulus Spending Right Now -- Tens of Millions of Jobs Are at Stake ( emphasis added to scare LIBERALS )]
Is anyone really surprised that the Devil Worshippers want Numerology to replace Faith Based Economics!!!

{ seriously, the voices made me do that one... It is Like SOOOO not my fault. Like that whole HogWart thing has me Like TOTALLY FEARFUL! }
Tags: economics, memewar

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