drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Bill O'Reilly Hate America?

While working off some of the Social Cultural Angst And Malaise in the Gym, I was Amused to watch BaBa O'Reilly try to work out which position he actually held in his most recent HATE AMERICA Festival - since he had to show this footage from ABC news that demonstrated that there are EVIL HETEROSEXUAL FOSTER PARENTS who, in the footage, brutally savaged their teenage ward.

But of course BaBa O'Reilly was not sure if Baba supported the DIVINE RIGHTS OF THE PATRIARCHY, or was he more emotionally traumatized that this was footage that was a few years old, and he was not sure if it was something that ABC should have reported to Child Protective Services, as a basis for some sort of criminal PERSECUTION OF WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS by the Monolithic Excessive Governmental Regulation of the Family By Blue Helmetted One Wolders seeking to Destroy the Sovereign Independence of America.

I hope that we all take this moment to step aside and have a special moment of Prayer And Fasting for BaBa O'Reilly as he works through these deeply emotionally traumatizing times as he works out if he holds a specific position on these matters, or merely hates america because there are still americans who tune into view him as if he were actually better than the Colbert Report!!!

Pray for Baba O'reilly, as he may need the support, especially if those Evil Iranian Flying Sauceres Return!!!

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