drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Will Rove Hop On The Holy Handgrenade To Protect The Prez?

For those folks who may not be old enough to remember the wonder years of the IranContra Scandal. There was a whole lot of really cool, must see TV, as Ollie North sat there all dolled up in his USMC costume, talking big talk about doing what ever was gonna need to be done. But of course, when it got down to the getting down to it, the NAVY had to sail into harms way, and take the congressional bullet for the president. Fortunately, Poindexter was not taken out of action for all that long.

Ah yes, the wonder years. Back when Congress was smart enough to hold really cool public show trials, so that on appeal the convictions would be overturned because the prosecutor could not prove that the case was based upon evidence that had not already been immunized.

Which brings us to the scary prospects, now that Rove has been up there doing the fandango dance before a grand jury, and that, if we believe the liberal media, without the safety net of being offered a grant of immunity. So will He do the RealHeManManlyMaleMasculineMacho[dm] thing, that as a RealWarHero[dm], he has been trained to do, and protect the president from the preying eyes of those who might believe that the President should be constrained by the mere laws of Man?

Oh The Excitement! Oh The Expectation! Oh the sheer drama of it all.

Did Rove Know? Did Rove Tell The President? Could anyone Prove that the President had at any time been aware that he had ever been in contact with Karl Rove?

What ever will come of these truly dynamic questions.

Or should we be supporting the popular opinion that it is OK to burn CIA assets for strictly domestic political purposes, because, well, uh, the important thing is supporting the president to support the Troops!

Or is the real issue still the same old dull one, that the evil liberals oppose the Argument From Intelligent Design and therefore want to impose the mere laws of Man upon The Most Exalted! The Most Revered! The Greatest Military Leader EVER!

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