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Let The Market Decide the levels of Graft, Corruption and IkkyStuff

For Wall Street tycoons and corporate insiders it would be a dream come true: A hole in insider-trading laws allowing investors to profit from their access to sensitive information before the rest of the world is aware of it — like knowing the winning lottery numbers an hour before the drawing. But on Capitol Hill that dream is currently the reality.

While federal laws aim to restrict insider trading in the corporate world, neither securities law nor ethics rules prevent congressional lawmakers and their staffs from benefiting financially from the non-public information they gather from their daily routines on the Hill. That loophole, studies reveal, has allowed lawmakers to reap significantly higher Wall Street returns than other investors.

[ cf Insider Trading Bill Looks to Hold Congress to Corporate Standard: Loophole Allows Members and Staff to Trade on Non-Public Information ]
That legislation has been in the pipes for over three years now, so there is clearly no good reasons to rush ahead on it, until after the Markets have decided how much graft, corruption, and IkkyStuff the market can bear.

Are you keeping American Graft And Corruption at the deregulated free market level? Or are YOU crushing the hopes of innocent children!!!
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