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Some Back and Fill on Aelita - queen of mars.

Aelita the queen of mars silent, is FABULOUS, if you are lucky enough to see it in the movie house that has the right musicians and elan. Let us step back for a moment and put the film back into context.

It is set in 1921, a very critical year.

In the main, the Battle Of Warsaw, August 1920, works as the end of the main civil war and armed conflict in the west. It closes the cordon sanitaire, and lays the framework for ending the wars. The Treaty of Riga, march 1921, would define the western borders with the baltic states and poland, and end the open armed struggle by reactionary black shirts and their revisionist fellow travellors!

In this light the Kronstadt rebellion ( february/march 1921 ), ( also Kronstadt Uprising ) in which the Baltic Fleet at the Naval Fortress on Kotlin Island, votes for a return to the pre-war political freedoms. It is important to remember that this is functionally after the civil war in the western portion of Russia. ( It is generally listed under the general category Left Wing Uprisings against the bolshiviks - and for those who cannot tell an SR from a blackHundred, the wiki offers a good fast read of the players. )

Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, the last white guard commander in the west, has evacuated the crimea in November of 1920, and would not be able to form the external Russian All Military Union until 1924. Which would in turn become one more of the fiasco's of White culture conflicts, as the various sides of monarchists, democrats, constitutionalist, parlimentarians, all stir in the morrass of the emigre life.

It is important to understand that while Anatoly Pepelyayev, Admiral Kolchak's main general, would continue the retreat along the TransSiberian railway to Petropovlosk. Kolchak is dead in Irkutsk by march of 1920, so there is no substantive 'government' that Pepelyayev owes allegiance to, while retreating to the pacific. Let us be polite and note that the mess in the pacific maritime provinces, was, well problematic.

When we remember that Lenin dies on 21 January, 1924, and Aelita, is released that fall in September, it is an interesting time to be writing dangerous revisionist ideological deviationalism!

Clearly as Stalinism rises in the soviet union, and majikalThinkingAntiCommunism becomes popular in the west, this sort of film would no longer be safe to touch. Since to do so would make it too clear that the Flash Gordon series were clearly Stalinist Reactionary Revisionist Propoganda bent upon the destruction not merely of the Emperor Ming, but also of all of the Revolutionary Vanguard of Socialist Soviets of Worker, Peasants and Soldiers on Mars!

But of course everyone knew that.

What we need to be concerning ourselves with now, is whether this is symbolic of some dangerous threat from the darkUnderlings of the nanciiPelosii DustBunniesOfDespair!
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