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An Interesting Idea

Conservatives Poised to Fight ‘Islamist Lawfare’: Support Sought in Congress, States for Tort Reform in Anti-Muslim Libel Cases
Amongst the issues in play is the libaling of Saudi bank tycoon Khalid bin Mahfouz by Rachel Ehrenfeld's book “Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It" - interesting how these things go...

Should americans risk setting a global standard on how to smear others? Or would that simply spark a new round of anxiety in america about blueHelmettedOneWorldersCrushingFreeDomeWithFerrignDevilIdeas!

Or should we leave these matters to the market to decide. That those who want a free trade in free smearings should not be repressed by the evils of governmental regulations, blueHelmeted or otherwise.

Then there is this interesting phrase lawfare wow.... you have to love where that is going, now don't you.
All Is Fair In LawFare!
Because anything less and you are the ENEMY!
MemeLawFare? where will it end?

Thank GOD we are a christian nation and can turn to the Department of Homeland Security Canon LawFare Troops to protect us from the Unbelievers who do not accept the divinity of Dubya!
Tags: law, memewar, republican_pron, war_crimes

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