drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But They WERE closer to jesus

U.S. Relies on Tortured Evidence in Habeas Case
But if they knew they were about to meet Jesus in the afterlife, then of course they were telling the truth. How much more truthier can folks get?
In October, a U.S. military judge at Guantanamo Bay agreed that Jawad had only confessed after armed Afghan police threatened to kill him and his entire family if he didn’t. Statements made to U.S. authorities just hours later, the judge subsequently ruled in November, were still tainted by the Afghan authorities’ torture, because U.S. authorities “used techniques to maintain the shock and fearful state associated with the Accused’s initial apprehension by the Afghan police.” Both confessions therefore were inadmissible.
( op cit )
Which prooves that these cases must be moved out of the DOD's Control, and into the Homeland Security Directorate For Divine Revelations!!!!

Clearly ONLY those who have been given the second sight, by the argument from divine comedy, can spot the evils of the RadFemiNurfSaucies and their evil minnions and underlings!!!!
Tags: law, torture, war_crimes

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