drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Supreme Court Still Stabbing Troops in Back!

The Supreme Court in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld affirmed that the executive can detain enemy fighters during wartime, but that case pertained directly only to the detention of Taliban fighters while the United States was at war with the Afghan government.
[ cf Debate Intensifies Over Preventive Detention ]
WHAT???? The supreme's limited the POW detention policy to only POWs?????

What next? Advocate that the GreatOne is not allowed a limited divine right to personal pre-emptive detention of unbelievers who have fallen into the Obamanation of not believing that the GreatOne is the True WarPresident called forth by the Argument From Divine Comedy?

Where will it end? Will americans have to live with the unconvicted allowed to walk around the streets in their town, merely because they were not convicted of unbelief??? It is just SHOCKING what these RadFemiNurfSaucies are willing to advocate in polite society!!!
Tags: law, war_crimes

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