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Oh dear... The ShrillOne Again, the troops, the stabbing, the children, oh my!

Marginal thinking about fiscal stimulus
Will someone explain to the ShrillOne, that the use of facts is an Obamanation, and that only those who are God Hating America Bashers will retreat into that apostasy.

The core of the scary is
Back in January, the WSJ’s poll of business forecasters found most of them favoring an $800 billion stimulus. The most recent poll finds only a handful favoring further stimulus, even though they also see a grim employment outlook for the next year and half. Is this a consistent position?
The point is that it’s very hard to imagine what would lead you to say that $800 billion in stimulus, which leaves the economy deeply depressed, is just right. You could make a case that no stimulus at all — in fact, fiscal retrenchment — is appropriate. Or you could, like me, call for substantially more. But ratifying what we’ve done, and no more, makes very little sense,

( op cit )
Nasty piece of work that....

But clearly if things were all as majikal as they are suppose to be, then, well, why should it matter that we use any form of reasoning in the process!

What if the core central problem in a republic is that complex economics, is complex, and that it would help more americans if it were a part of the actual public education that was useful to have before reaching the age when one should be engaged in the public discourse.

What if americans should be able to detect the dangerous follies of 'class warfare' irregardless from which corner they come! And that mere revisionist histories are as doublePlusUnGood from the right as from the left...

What if the spooky part is that we face the horrors of Idiocracy, here, today, just outside the door!
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