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NYT Attacks Guacamole! Stabs Troops In Back!

When Credit Card Companies Compete, You Win
WHAT??? That is like doubting the Moral Purity of Dubya's Brilliant Military Victory over the drifters and grifters who were persecuting the financial industry!!! And that is attacking the Troops! and is unamerican! Which is what the darkies did in their recent evil against the innocent blushing virgins of the credit card sector of the financial industry that has always been the Most Militarily Victoriously Glorious of all debtInstrumentCreators!!!

I mean what sort of Pro-IranqIstaniaIstaFlyingSaucerIsm is
The problem is that many rate hikes have not been driven by changes in the risk of default.
SHOCK! SHOCK! HORROR! HORROR! that is like saying that the Bull Flungeth by the credit card industry and their muppet like friends has not been certified ORGANIC!!! I mean how can anyone doubt that Credit Card Numbers are set by anything LESS than divine Intervetnion!!! Because as we all KNOW,
Number Theory is just a Theory!
It is Not a Fact!!!
Only Prayer and Fasting can drive them OUT!
And thus, congress should allow the majik of the market to do it's marvel, and caste out the unbelievers and demons...

The challenge is to try to create a regulatory system that allows risk-related increases while discouraging asleep-at-the-wheel advantage taking. It is often efficient to be asleep. I don’t want to live in a world where I have to carefully read all my junk mail.

The big problem is right there. On the one hand the current economy is apparently based upon the complete failure to be of any usefulness. So we have gone beyond the real of merely offering up a 'pussification of american life' and out into the total mindNumbing culture, where the folks spewing the blipVerts are not even awake when barfing them up....

There are many ways we could put together a market oriented system, but not one where the freaks collecting the tickets could continue on with THEIR being asleep at the wheel as they jerk things around. So we would need to provide some 'laws' about how things should be done, so as to provide a common floor for goods and services to be market to market.

BUT NO!!!!!!!

That would be too OBVIOUS!

That wouldn't have the majikal defense of the majikal powers act!!!

It would be like forcing folks to live in a land where mommy and daddy were not going to just cut a check to cover one more of boopsies little oppsies....

Oh well, such a tragedy. Americans could have used this time to do something useful!
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