drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got Deflationary Spiral?

Now, if you think that unemployment is going to be at or above current levels for the next 18 months, wouldn’t you think there would be a significant risk of deflation? In fact, however, the average forecast is for an inflation rate of 1.7 percent next year. What’s the logic?

Bottom line: when I look at those unemployment projections, they look very bleak, and suggest that we’re in serious danger of falling into deflation. That is, to me they make the case FOR another stimulus.

[ cf Economists oppose more stimulus? ]
Deflationary Spiral? how dare the shrillOne use a D word! It's like saying that the darkies will attack the market! I mean, how can that be? The War President has majikal powers! he will protect use from the Darkies, and there is no reason for an economic stimulus, because our Troops are still Winning, even if they are gays and grlz, and socialist welfare statists, but they are winning!!!

The defeatist propoganda!!!

Besides the economy is NOT GAY!!! it is merely pleased in a very heterosexually family oriented kinda way!!!

Rumour Mongers!!!
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