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The Right-Wing Prescription for Economic Recovery: Lionize the Rich and Demonize the Poor
One has to respect the part where at least the wingNuts sorta get it that there is a demand side problem that influences the economics. Hence that the Poor are failing to do their patriotic duty.

I wish that we could just click our ruby slippers together and go back to when the trickleDown of voodooEconomics was going to work... I mean, toke this DavidFrumishNeff:
[B]y expanding government regulatory power, the Obama administration may invite innovation-thwarting meddling. Back in the 1990s, entrepreneurs used to say that America was the only country on earth where you could borrow $100 million without owning a suit. That's the thing we need to defend. What we need to end is the ability to borrow $100,000 without a down payment.
( op cit ) ( I emboldened it, cause, dude, the colours )
I mean, like wow. $100 Million with no collateral, but $100K, well that is what we want the Obamanation to apostasyzelate!


So do YOUR PART, before the Obamanation brings back the Flying Saucers to take away our White Women!!!
Tags: economics, republican_pron

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