drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why are conservatives worried about the stimulus?

If they believe that there is no need for it, it can not be a problem.
If they beleive that it is not working because things are not in the majikal socialist paradise, then how is this a conservative whine?

If folks do not consider the economy the best of all possible worlds, why are they blaming the government for this problem, are they not suppose to just click their ruby slippers together and the survival of the fitest will put them back where they are in the natural order of things???

What if the problem is that folks who thot they were majikally entitled because they supported Dubya, wake up one morning in a world where thy are not required - and forget how they helped get america here. That they do not want to think about the compromise to the financial sector that started with the freeze up back in 2007.... since that would mean dealing with tough problems, and real economics, and not merely the voodooEconomics that gave them MBA land....

What if the psuedoCons had to learn economics as a part of showing their street cred to old skool republicans????

Sorry FreakVeilleUSA, if you want to visit the old skool happy stories, you learn from the actual fiasco of the great depression, support the great compression, and seek to find the restoration of the old skool notion of the prudent man theory. Where suddenly the idea of failure is acceptable again, where the need to demonstrate competency is important again, and the mystical belief in voodoo as a basis of economics is put back where it belongs, in charming 19th century gothic romance stories.
Tags: economics, politics

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