drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Glorious Military Victory of MBS Schools against Forces of mere Realism!

Now in the 21st century the B-schools are degrading the term “computer hacking”.

Hum... would this be a bad time to talk about the fiasco of failed MBA cults in the real world? Or would that lead to emotional trauma? I mean, yes, that was written back in 2005, when it was clear that we could have economic miracle freestanding from any of the actual brains needed to code it up. Because, well, because the kids had never really seen a recession in their life tyme, so of course such can not happen. And given the rational expectations of the market, how can it do anything but make the greatest of all possible things, which is the true balance of nature, where the ruling lead the underlings, as the survival of the fitest....

It is the least that can be done with the limited amount of reasoning that is needed....

I mean, we would not want our MBA's to become some sort of intellectual elite...

So of course one would NOT want to hire anyone competent to code up stuff, since those persons were clearly the rejects of the great MBA world, where all is Economics and The Moral Superiority... but of course who could have known back then that Obama would cause the liquidity freeze out of 2007. I mean who could have seen that Obama's failed policies in IranqISTANIA were failing so badly that they were causing a housing bubble...

But fortunately the MBS schools were able to defeat the unbelievers and become Masters of The Universe, as was the divine mandate of the laws of nature as passed by God to the True Divines of the argument from Divine Comedy....

It would have been a greek tragedy, but it was not gay, and there was never any chance of there being a failure of will or character, or that grace guy...
Tags: code, economics, geek_stuff, republican_pron

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