drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who's On First Again?

Hampton: Religious Buddies Drove Ensign To FedEx To Mail Letter To Cindy
Wow, it still holds true. Friends bail you out of jail. Real Friends are unindicted co-conspirators who are willing to help you shake down your parents for a cash to blow of the bimbo and her husband to help rescue your presidential credentials from the evil liberal media!

America. It is such a country....

{ for those playing along at home, this is the coe family, of The Family ( christian political organization ) so of course to pick on Ensign Sanford is to burn christians on the cross to light the Obamanations march to rome!!! }

What if we made sure that members of government has a Purpose Driven Life rather than following radical left wing extremists!
Tags: religion, republican_pron

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