drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

how is obama causing the recession?

What I am having a hard time understanding is how on the one hand the government is the cause of the recession - because of what obama did in 2007, when the equity freeze up occurred, and that the fix is to not do anything, you know, like obama did in 2007.

Or is that suppose to be that with the deregulation of the financial sector, and the drive to the financialization of the american economy into a system that just creates debt instruments, that we need to do more deregulation? or stop doing the deregulation that obama did back in 1999....

Or is the problem with the #tcot, that, well history and economics were not gooder subjects?

While we are hear. Maybe someone will explain why Obama sent the troops into IranqiStania? I mean, handn't George H.W.Bush made it clear that we did not go in after liberating KuwaitIranqiStania as it might turn into a complete fiscal blunder.
Tags: economics, republican_pron
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