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What if the flaw is in the majik waving of the war flag.

What if the idea of POW detention is a good idea?
What if the application of "Prisoner of War" to "Enemies of the Great Leader" moves the idea into the wrong place?

Greenwald offers The Obama justice system which I found by way of Acquittal: What's the point? - and I find it disturbing that no one is asking the ugly question of why we are not as clear as we might want to be about 'the laws of land warfare' and how they might best be limited to say a time of 'war'.

That there are clear and compelling differences between 'wars between nation states' and, say, a war on literacy might help us understand when we are in which category.

Or we could just wax our PsychoSurfBoards and do the big HangTen on
The Weekly Standard's Michael Goldfarb, a former McCain aide, is someone who believes that the President possesses what he calls "near dictatorial power" when it comes to national security. He has repeatedly praised Obama for maintaining Bush Terrorism policies. But even Goldfarb is uncomfortable with Obama's assertion of "post-acquittal detention power":
( op cit greenwald )
I mean, if you believe in the dictatorship of the president in such times as are politically expedient to support the dictatorship of the great leader, then how can you doubt that the maintenance of the dictatorship of great leader should be swayed by mere defeatist cut and runners???

Keeping with the Alicia Shepard model for defining that it is torture in gambia, when it is done for bad reasons, but not torture, when done CONUS, because we do it for good reasons. We have to wonder why not embrace the dictatorial powers of great leader. ( cf op cit greenwald ) You know, because we of course support great leader for well, good reasons. It keeps us out of gitMo.

Or why not go back to the core bug in the ointment, that these 'war powers' come only in a time of actual war, and not in a time of transferring tax payer liabilities to no-bid contractors.

What if we reserved the IDEA of a "prisoner of war" who is out of play for the duration, to the contexts where that would make sense. This might be able to help us make distinctions between Prisoners Of The Criminal Courts, Prisoners of Fashion, Prisoners of Love...

Or is that too much like advocating that Law Be Legal in america, and that we do not get to majikally wave our PrincesseSparkeleePoneyWandee upon the land, and all of the evilDoingEvilDoers are all clasped into the majik dungeon in the sky, where they will be able to look down on all of the happy boys and girls who are doing just what Great Leader has called them out to do....

OR is that precisely the scary part that is really in play here. That with the collapse in education, the nation has been drifting to GreatLeaderIsm for some time, and we might as well join the clown parade, and become the glitterati!
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