drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Liberals just hate things that work

Naming Someone Who Hates Public Schools to Head the State Ed Board? Gov. Perry, You Can't Be Serious!
Think about this for a moment folks. Texas is one of the number one bulk purchasers of text books, and have been distorting the science text book world since the scopes trial.

So now, what we need to do is help the texas taliban move the ball on down the field a bit. First they save on the text books for nonMalePerkin who should be home learning to do what sharia dictates for them and all their little mutants.

Then they can save on the cost of edumakating the Male Ones, since the Department of Homeland Security will teach them all they need to know to keep their trenches clean.

See, is a very smart plan by very smart people in texas.

And then when the man from crawford comes to rescue america, all will live with the true no child left behind, and not the false apostasy of whiney liberal forms of no child left behind....

You see, just like in the bible. Which you should never read yourself, but only listen as the true believers who have been called to the office of apostasy can see....
Tags: education, republican_pron, science

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