drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Like Duh!

US Military: Gays not welcome; White supremacists 'OK'?
Hello, White Supremacists are NOT GAY! I mean, like get over it evil liberal media.
Like anyone can see that White Supremacists who like to hang out with other guys, because only like Guys are Male Buddies You Can Bond with, not like girls, who have cooties, but it is not like White supremacists are gay! They just better understand the Natural Balance of things like Jesus Intended. You didn't see jesus with a bunch of cootie carrying girls! but that doesn't mean like Jesus was Gay or anything either...

Besides, America has always been a white christian america, so why not have White Christian America's Holy Warriors Protecting Us from THEM! And we ALL know who They Are!!!

Evil Liberals who have to have their parents write a check to pay of their lover and his husband... that is like SO GAY! Real men would never have to go to mommy and daddy to get a check! they would manly flight their own manly way, in a masculine male manner... unlike these pussified wimpy liberals!

That is why we need to retake america for Americans!
Tags: gay, memewar, republican_pron, war

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