drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The Terrorist Threat!!!

Most americans probably heard the whiney evil liberals suggest that it is OK to engage in Anti-State Terrorism, as Wenyi Wang did yesterday, with her vicious and Brutal Tongue Lashing of Our Most Favored Trading Partner's Chief Executive Officer of the Great Corporate State Of China, who had come to Corporate America to Talk to Our Great Leader and Chief Executive Officer, the Defender Of The Faith, The Keeper of the True Doctrines, The Elect Of God! The Most Importanist Greatest Military Leader EVER!

But will merely Free-speech outrage: Wenyi Wang may be charged with federal crime for daring to criticize the president...of China" be ENOUGH to protect all americans from this Sort Of Hiddeous And Heinous Anti-State Terrorism that amounts to Offering Aid And Comfort to the Enemies of The All American All White Christian Male United States Of America!!!

Now More Than EVER!!! All Americans MUST Rally TO The Great Leader!!! We Must Free The Bombers to rain down Shock and Awe upon those Hot Beds of Evil Liberalism that Is Evil And Liberalism!!! Americans will not feel safe until we have Bombed The Evil Liberals Back Into The Stone Age!!! Anything less and the TERRORIST WIN!!!

Now More than Ever All Americans Must Chant The Holy Chant:
If the Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
You Must Acquit!!!
for Low the Evil Doing Evil Doers are circling around on the edges of the fires just waiting for a chance to spread their Evil UnAmericanism, and their clearly Politically Motivated Persecution of the True Believers!!!

Yes Brothers And Sisters! If you Chant The Holy Chant!!! With the Purity Of Heart then the Great War Bombers Will Come And Drop The Great War Bombs unto the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!

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