drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Make More UnPersons

Unpersons - in which theKrugman notes that in the EvilLiberalMediaLand, those who are, and were, arguing that the Fiscals Stimulus packages were unPersoned. Noting that there had been issues with the unPersoning of sources who Opposed The Divine Mandate Of GOD that we restore the wetlands to IranqIstania, since such apostasy has no place in the Holy Church of Civil Discourse About God's True Plans for His One True And Only White Christian America!

So why should americans want to listen to mere effemete intellectual elitists about their economic theories and ideas!!! Theories are Just Theoretical!!!

What if the problems of anti-intellectualism in american life were a bit more problematic than merely the small unpleasantries of trash canning nerds, emo's with strange hair cuts who get rock bands, and the fact that those types should not date the prom queen, and upset the natural order of things.

Or worse yet - that it is always all just High School, over, and over, and over....
Tags: economics, memewar

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