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Ontology v. Epistemology in ophthalmic migraines

One of the scariest asides to my form of ophthalmic migraines - is that I get this data distortion phase. It is this moment when suddenly things no longer look like they should. Or they exist, but I no longer have a memory of them existing, or existing and looking quite like that.

One of the advantages of everything in it's place approach to organizing stuff is that you have a high confidence that the thing you are looking at is where it belongs. But during an ophthalmic migraine, there are these times when the distortion field causes chaos. A few basic examples. The other day I was at CostCo, and bought both the FlaxenPlus and the Madras Lintels. But yesterday, suddenly these boxes did not look like what I had bought. I even went so far as to pull out cardboard from my cardboard recycling bag to find a box that would be similar.

The only problem is that at the time I found no match. Or should I say, the cardboard cover in the recycling bag was differently distorted from the box on the floor. So it did not look like my memory of what the flaxenPlus box looked like, NOR did it look like the box on the floor. All of which is complicated by the very unpleasant uncertainty that what one is bringing up as a mental representation of the flaxenPlus box is, well, anywhere near accurate.

The other way fun moment was noticing that two of my books, One called, "working effectively with Legacy Code", which has his lovely gear image on the cover, well, looked, STRANGE - too strange for me to figure out what it was. But it was where the book on working effectively with Legacy Code was suppose to be, as it was on top of the HeadFirst Java book, I kept trying to sort the images and memories into a common place, where they would look alike.

Which of course did not work - and this was as true of the typeface on the inside of the book, as with the book cover. Even more funny, since there was a bill in the front section - and I could not make out what it really was for.... until finally, after the ophthalmic migraine passed, I was able to sort out that it was for a doctor's visit and not the book. So the vague awareness that this was a tax paperwork was correctish - but for medical and not professional expenses...

Slowly but surely last night the memories of objects and the images of the objects started to sync up.

What I pondered about this morning was the reality that there is the reasonable sense
Things in a visual distortion field,
will look different than they were remembered.
which of course is the fun, since the last paragraph I had read in the developer's notebook for java looked much more like a reasonably printed page this morning, and not like the distortion it did yesterday.

But there is also the secondary concern
We have no need to remember in detail,
that which we have put in a place to recall by positional data
so there is little reason to have the sort of detailed memory about things one has chucked into the recycling bin, or left in the pantry... Since, one really does not keep the data on the GPS position of the box from when it was in the warehouse to here....

Yet it is still disconcerting to notice how much data does not rise to the emotional level of needing to be remembered...

While the reverse is also scary, the things that we do carry around as at best memoryVirii...
Tags: cogsci, memewar

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