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This Is So Not News.

Olbermann: Jacksonville teabaggers worse than racists
Hello, given that the nation did the stop loss gag to keep boots in the sand in IranqIstania, we really need to be worrying that a post literate collection of thugs have delusions of becoming the new Steel Helmets and/or the FreiKorp?

Yes, I am willing to accept that some of the problems in Iraq were driven by neo-nazi fan clubs showing up for some live action. But I am not seeing that they have become big enough to be the threat they would like to dream of becoming.

Granted, we are still early in the 'deepening recession' - the neo D-Word. But that still this is not the time to expect that the worst can arrive.

Instead we must work on differenciating where actual republican values lie, and when it is time to let the psuedoCons go off and do their little re-enactments of their favorite bar room brawls. Who knows they may be able to put the bop back into BlitzKrieg Bop. I mean, so many of them are cute enough for Ballroom Blitz!

Glam Rock On Steel Haters!!! Or the RadFemiNurfSaucies will deMasculinate YOU!

{ would this be a bad time to remind americans about some of the folks they like, such as Martin Niemöller started out in the freikorps, as a former submarine captain before becoming a Liberal Theological Icon of hard leftists. A problematic position for so many seeking to invoke the happier halcyon times of the FreiKorp days... }
Tags: memewar, politics, religion

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