drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What if the NeoConClownShow has abandoned the GOP...

GOP Pols Losing Control Of Tea Party Movement?
What if the NeoConClownCarCrew really were always RINOs, as they said, since they were always psuedoConservatives first. Thus the NeoConClownCarCrew were so good at using that RINO Meme, because they were speaking from their core value. That they had not intention of allowing their movement degenerate into a mere republic.

This of course raises the Fuggly that the TeaBaggers are merely expressing that facet of the post surrealists.

Can they be recovered? Is there a place for them to re-enter the rational discourse? Or will they only entertain that option AFTER their civil war?
Tags: memewar, republican_pron

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