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But will it allow us to Bomb MexiKanukiStania?

The End of An Era? New Finance Regulations Weighted Against 'Too Big to Fail'
To be honest, it worries me when liberals are talking about Economic issues as if they were about economics, and not about the Holy Crusaders Crushing The Unbelievers. Since, well, the former approach can lead to merely 'frog marching' criminals out before the nightly news.

But Holy Crusaders Crushing The Unbelievers shows that we are Governator Strong about the need for order undt discipline!!! And that only Greater Loyalty to the Unitary Executive Principle can protect us from THEM! And THEY are Out There.

So the idea of assessing premiums for government protection, based upon the risk one is in.... Well, that smacks of, uh, making the premiums match the problems.... and that is clearly SOCIALIST efforts of the government to Nationalize Risk Management by mandating a correlation between risk and premiums in a way that does not openly embrace the Faith Based Initiatives that have made Risk Management to date the leading force for a National Day Of Prayer!

Oh dear - so if board directors were to look at the costs of protecting their risks, they would also want to see if the ROI matched the risk in a rationalizable way. Oh that's not right! That's like saying that Corporations can not go buttNeked into the market place saying that there is no moral hazard, and that majikally the pixie dust will protect them from any down side... Which, well has to be some form of SOCIALIST Thingies....

TeaBaggers Of The World Unite! They are imposing Taxation by premium and quarantine processes!!! Why everyone KNOWS:
The Germ Theory Of Disease is Just a Theory!
IT is Not A proven FACT!!!!
Sometimes Disease is caused by Apostasy!
And Can ONLY Come Out by Prayer and Fasting
So we must stop the Bad People from repressing the freedome of the market!
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