drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Are They Still In The Rear With The Beer?

Hey kdis, what did the evil Liberal Media Types Mean with
As we begin the second Bush administration, let's take a moment to reflect upon one of the most historic episodes of the 2000 battle for the White House -- the now-legendary "Brooks Brothers Riot" at the Miami-Dade County polling headquarters.

This was when dozens of "local protesters," actually mostly Republican House aides from Washington, chanted "Stop the fraud!" and "Let us in!" when the local election board tried to move the re-counting from an open conference room to a smaller space.

With help from their GOP colleagues and others, we identified some of these Republican heroes of yore in a photo of the event.

[ cf WaPo: Miami 'Riot' Squad: Where Are They Now? ]
Why ever did they give up a chance to be actual Military Heroes in the Whatever On Whomever that came about after their "brooks brother's riot" to get the Old School into the white house.

Or IS that the lesson here? It is important to understand the value of Modern Post-Surealist Theatre, so that one understands where the
does the rage moment, but is clearly not enough to want to risk that in anything like an actual active duty moment....

It would of course be hypocracy, if one were to live in a universe where prior ideological posturing were in anyway co-relatable to current speach utterance behaviors - you know, like in the failed liberalism of the Pre-911 World...

But I guess that is the Full On Freak About Joel Kaplan being Karl Rove's Replacement. I mean, what! can't Kaplan find his own Great Leader to create and offer to the american people? Are they really that scared that the end is Nigh that there is no other choice but to get their White House time in, before the Republic Ends? Or What????

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