drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Which Tea Party?

Duval GOP In Controversy Over Obama/Hitler Comparisons At Tea Party, called out in the update of Tea Service are complicating the effort to make TeaBagging a real Populist Programme for protecting the Aristocracy.

Rather than look at the question of what happens when the deregulatory fiasco hits the streets where average folk live - we get the whining about the effort to bail out the industries that are a source of the income for average folks.

One has to respect the memeWarriors who are trying to make the TeaBagging a part of the current holy crusade against the nurturing parent types who are not willing to support the strong strict father who rides in on a white horse with the leadership and guidance that flows from GOD!

Given that the evil liberals have JoeBidden and Obama on their side.... it may not be all that pretty.
Tags: memewar, republican_pron

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