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Oh how, well, Gay...

Bernard Madoff hires help to survive hard time
Oh god no, not a fashion consultant for the whole Jail House Rock thing...
“He could cause a lot of problems because it’s a very high-profile case. People may react very badly to him,” Mr Bales said. “He is going to have white supremacists who do not like the Jewish population. He has got some enemies he is going to have to face.” It is even possible that Madoff could be upgraded for his own safety to the only Supermax facility, where inmates are locked up for 23 hours a day and never get to mix with the general prison population.
( op cit )
Oh dear me....

It's as if he is not sure he is Butch Enough to be the bad boy of his super max....

You know, that whole problem that we are all being victimized by, where metrosexuals want to have special privileges, so that their... oh sorry, this is not about his getting a chance for the alternative service, where he gets to go to the CombatZone to prove, by trial by combatZone, that he was actually being victimized by the liberals on wall street who all framed him.

Sorry about that. I guess, he is so.... well, not this seasons fashion trend...
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