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In the age of No-Bid Defense Contracting

American attitudes have changed and the "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward gays serving in the U.S. military should be reviewed, former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Colin Powell said on Sunday.

President Barack Obama favors overturning the policy, which bars gay troops from serving openly in the military. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has asked military lawyers to look at ways to make the law more flexible, hailed by gay rights groups as a "seismic political shift".

[ cf Time to review policy on gays in U.S. military: Powell ]
Hum... Which is the real value in play here?

Given the fact that we have had to play the 'stop loss' orders to keep manpower in the armed forces, because, in spite of all of the politicising of 911 - the neoConClowns never were intent upon following their rhetoric into the danger zone. Not at least while they could make bank playing the Homeland Security Investment Bubble!

Who can forget those powerful made for TV drama's like "saving private jessica", and how it showed that in the new Nationalized Military of the Socialist Welfare State, even grlz can get their own made for TV Moments, as long as they are blonde enough and cute enough, and do not get in the way of the full tilt boogie productizing of the moment. ( cf Will Saving Private Lynch have a happy ending? tastey and deliscious... might even help CaribouBarbie learn to do the blonde thing... guys like that you know...)

So allowing gays to say, well, gosh... How White of them folks.

I also hate to wonder rudely
"It is very clear what President Obama's intent here is, he intends to see this law changed and my advice ... is that I think we need to move in a measured way," Mullen said.

"At a time when we're fighting two conflicts there is a great deal of pressure on our forces and their families," he added.

( op cit )
one has to wonder which are the two conflicts?

Is one of them the need to have that strict father mythos well in hand, as a strong leadership guidance about the importance of maintaining the balance of nature....

And the other one the conflict that the ProWarWheenies have all gone run away and hidden, because, well that whole 'at war' thing is just not moving product.

So yes, we may want to start with the discussion mix about which is the Real Value Issue here.

Could it be the ugly moment, that some how the whole metrosexuality of the ProWarWeaseling is, just not requiring that macho butch level of he man manly male masculinity, that was once enshrined in the Gay Fetishing of John Wayne Films. Even more so, since none of those metrosexuals have been willing to resolve the dialectical tension between John Wayne in the fighting seabees, where we start out with John Wayne playing the civilian contractor, Wedge Donovan, who just does not get the differences between life in the social pleasantries of rough necking civilian contracting, and the actual unpleasantries of THE REAL WAR where it is not merely some sort of penis waving festival.

Yeah, it really is very Communisticalist of the wiki to offer up this hatred of freeDome:
Wedge Donovan (John Wayne) is a tough construction boss, building airstrips in the Pacific for the US Navy during World War II. He clashes with his liaison officer, Lieutenant Commander Robert Yarrow (Dennis O'Keefe), over the fact that his men are not allowed to arm themselves against the Japanese. When the enemy lands in force on the island, he finally takes matters into his own hands, leading his men into the fray. Unfortunately, this prevents Yarrow from springing a carefully-devised trap that would have wiped out the invaders in a murderous machinegun crossfire, with minimal American losses. Instead, many of Donovan's men are killed unnecessarily.
( the fighting seabees )
Shock! Shock! Shock!!!

You mean this is not the first time around that the role of private contractors in the hostile fire payzone sequences has been discussed as a part of the American KulturKampf against the dirty stinking Hippies who are not supporting the correct re-remembering of american history as it should have been!

Gosh! Golly! Gee Whiz!!!

Or were we suppose to be shocked that the movie actually presents John Wayne, Icon of american kultur, as having been wrong, about the religious fetishising of the no-bid-contracting Kultur, in a way, that is too Shockingly like, well... uh, the problems in IranqIstania, where we wind up getting american troops killed to protect the profit margins of the no-bid-contractors....

So what if the real issue in play here is that the times of trying to pretend that some insane vision of machismo was, well, the True RamboIsms... are just not working that well. Or maybe that too is a core part of that whole ongoing horror space... that The actual movie First Blood had so little to do with the cult iconography... Since, Gosh, the evil liberals persecuting Rambo, were the nice middle class folks who thought Rambo was some sort of Dirty Stinking Hippie. Why Gosh, just like The ProWarWheenies do now...

So maybe a part of the discussion point about 'the value in play', would include working out how do americans want to recover from the current socialist trend in transferring the tax payer's dollars to the no-bid contractors...

What if the whole, but are you butch enough is, well, gosh, just not the big loud bang the gong issue the metroSexuals who are stabbing John Wayne in The Back, should be, well, whining about, in a time of having an UppityOne in the White House...

So yeah; maybe sorting out which Value Issue Policy ordering were realistic might help folks like CaribouBarbie feel safe that the Lesbians are not going to drag her daughter into their combat units, rather than giving her a chance to be a no-bid-contractor...

Why golly, we might even be able to arrive in a place where we can stop those dirty stinking draft dodging Hippies from Stabbing John Wayne In The Back!!!
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