drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What if that IS Palin's Cost?

Palin's Lawyer Threatens Bloggers, Media--UPDATED
But if she gives up her role as God's Appointed Ruler of The People's Kommisarriate Of Greater Alaska, then, doesn't that mean she will have to pay her own legal bills? Since, well, it is not like she can count on the Department of Homeland Purity to help protect her from the growing Kabal of Evil Ones who hate the FreeDome of The People's Kommisarriate Of Greater Alaska, and the Divine Will!

AND is it a crime to point out that someone is Acting Crazy In Public, is well, not covered under the biblical injunction that Jesus gave to DickCheney, so that he will not be persecuted by the comedy channel... Or did Jesus expand the covedrage under the super special codical for protecting those blessed of God, who are persecuted by those who are evil...

Did she really think that her vast combat experience was going to help link her to the whole Patriotism of the Fourth Of July, or did she really shoot herself in the back, by well... looking like the person who didn't plan for the 4th well enough...

And even MORE frightening, why is Karl "Armoured Flying Saucer Korp Guru" Rove, doubting that her move was the vitality that the GOD^HP really needs to show that Jesus Loves the GOP more than THEM. ( cf Fox News: Huckabee and Rove Admit Palin's Move Raises More Questions
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