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The Cost of Ethics Investigations????

Sarah Palin's decision to resign as Alaska governor was primarily prompted by her concern over the large sums of money being spent on ethics investigations into her background, Alaska's Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell said on Sunday.
[ cf Cost of Ethics Investigations Cited in Palin Decision ]
What???? Is the next boot going to do it's Fred Astaire Moment unless we can kill off Jacko Again...

What is the EvilLiberalHardLeft Wall Street Journal REALLY trying to tell us here????

I mean, at least Nixon waited until it was clear that there was little if anything that would have prevented the Senate from convicting him on the charges that would arise in the Impeachment.

So IS Palin Pre-Bailing, so that there is no cost to Alaska to get her out of office as a part of the law stuff. While at the same time plea bargaining it, so that she will not cost the state of Alaska the cost of putting her to work on a Chain Gang for the RoadToTheBridgeToNoWhere...

Or is Palin really attacking the apostasy of the HardLeft's Dubya years, and that Dubya should have resigned in January of 2005, since as a lame duck, it would have save the americans the cost of having a lame duck ensign sanford in the white house, when the government should have been focusing on cost containment for the environmental extremism in IranqIstania....

Or did Sarah just wake up to the reality, that as a Socialist Tyrant of the People's Republic of Alaska, the socialist policies were not to the Right of The Russian Empire under Putin, but to the left of MexiKanukiStania. While at the same time smelling the growing fear that if Peak Oil were to Peak, then the Oil Based Socialist Welfare State of The People's Republic of Alaska would be at risk of becoming the very next province in MexiKanukiStania!!!

Yes, while we await for the Power Responses from Ensign Sanford, we clearly must wonder, whether goes any chance of a legitimate opposition party....

Stay Tuned, Things may only get more american along the line...
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