drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Liberal Media Covers Up Iranian Flying Saucer Attacks!

Afghan police say a rocket attack has caused a massive explosion in the capital Kabul, near an area where the U.S. embassy and NATO peacekeeping headquarters are located.

Reports from the scene say a security guard was wounded in the blast late Wednesday.

Security officials say the rocket landed in a compound housing state-run television offices. The U.S. embassy and a base for NATO-led forces are nearby. Soldiers have sealed off the area.

A U.S. embassy spokesman told the Associated Press he could not confirm whether the diplomatic mission was the target of the blast.

[ cf VOA: Massive Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital; One Person Injured ]
Can any one doubt that these Leftist America Bashing God Haters At Voice Of America have been the Paid Dupes of Extremists bent upon the destruction of our White Christian America and so are playing down the Growing Threat Of Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

How Can Anyone Sleep Safely KNOWING that Liberals are being Unamerican In America!?!!

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