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“Roeder has also been corresponding with Rev. Donald Spitz — whose Army of God group’s Web site celebrates Hill and who says he sent Roeder seven of the pamphlets at Roeder’s request — and Linda Wolfe, an Oregon activist who has been jailed about 50 times for anti-abortion activities and who is close friends with a woman convicted of shooting Tiller in the arms in 1993. She says Roeder mailed her one of the pamphlets,” the AP adds.
Army of God member Kopp was convicted in 2003 for the fatal sniper-style shooting of Dr. Barnett Slepian in 1998, and is a suspect in other abortion doctor shootings.

The NFA site states, “Wolfe was involved in maintaining the ‘Prisoner’s of Christ’ network, which offers emotional and financial support to those in prison for committing acts of violence against abortion providers as well as for their families.”

According to a blog called Abortion Is Murder, before retiring, “Linda’s idea was to send each one $100 on his birthday and another $100 at Christmas.”
The AP, in an update adds, “No one has accused Roeder of breaking any laws because of his jailhouse correspondence. But local and federal law enforcement agencies took seriously a threat Roeder made during a June 7 interview with The Associated Press that there are ‘many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal.’ A judge raised Roeder’s bond to $20 million, citing his comment to the AP, after a prosecutor argued Roeder’s ability to get his message widely disseminated should lead a reasonable person to believe he is engaged in ‘alleged acts of American terrorism.’”

[ cf Jailers let Tiller shooting suspect mail pamphlets justifying murder ]
What if the big problem in a principled democracy is how to deal with the armed and dangerous religious types.

Clearly if we can not resolve that problem CONUS, how are we going to export our non-solutions?

What will it take for folks to work this stuff out?
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