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From Welfare to WorkFare - Fixing the DOD and other paramilitary forces

Many of my evil liberal friends are concerned that the current administration is simply trying to shrink the size of the federal government to a level where they can simply squash it completely. While others are concerned about the rise of a psuedo-fascist america based upon the bloat in the so called 'national security system' at so many levels.

So let us step back a moment and think about the wonders of the 90's when the hot buzz was all about transitioning the other welfare queens back into the mainstream of american economic wonder. Clearly now that we have fixed that part of the problem, the logical next step is to clear up the rest of the welfare queens in the federal bloat.

We should probably skip over the 30% desertion rate amongst the 'contractors' who were hired to help do ThatIraqiThingiePoo, because, well, that might be a rude 'factoid' to throw into the mix of our most glorious and most victorious efforts to restore the wetlands of Iraq. And yes, it is problematic that the all volunteer armed force has not really worked out to be as cool as it could be. That we are having those 'recruiting problems' we have not seen since the first season of the All Volunteer Military is actually a great day in america. Not that it is clear to me that the blame game and finger pointing at, well, gosh, the lack of patriotism on the part of the Anti-Anti-War Movement to get up off their faces and into the Fray would really help. So let us not let these minor technical details bog us down.

Instead let us marvel at the marvelous way in which the Free Market System, by the manifestation of the Blackwater Corp, were able to get their armed para-military forces into play in New Orleans well ahead of the bueaucratic bungling federal military forces who have become dibilitated by far too many decades of being just one more failed liberal welfare program. That alternative to simply living on the streets on the other welfare programs.

So the first question that should be logically addressed is why have a captive economic sector run as a socialist welfare state program?

Some may recall in the hey days of the Energy and Telecom deregulation hot buzz phrasing, the idea of freeing the energy and telecom sectors form the icy grip of excessive socialist welfare state programs would allow the free market to blossom out a 1,000 new points of light. This would lead to a competative market and from there, some sort of majikal saving for the consumer as they were able to get up every morning and enter the energy market so that they could buy and sell their needs from the multiplicity of competitors.

The "debbie Downers" will of course whine that there is this little problem, namely the actual history, and the ongoing fiasco of trying to reword all of the previous buzzphrasing so that they do not make educated people simply laugh at the current comedy of re-deregulating the Telecom sector so that the starving large corporations will have to live on only what they can harvest by crushing those who are not ILEC's. But we would digress back into the problematic phase of cleaning up the fiasco of the Clinton-Gore Era. And do we really care all that much about finger pointers and blame gamers?

One of the great advantages we have seen since 09/11 has been the rise of the various vigilante groups whom Fox News has recently started inserting embeds into, so that the folks back home can watch the glorious and victorious struggle to keep our american borders safe from the growing threat of Canadian Snowbacks sneaking across the border to take away the high paying jobs from Americans. Oh. Sorry, just noticed they vigilante forces are on the Mexican Border protecting us from the growing threat that Federal Tax Dollars from those No-Bid Contracts might be used to hire the refugees from Katrina and Rita to rebuild their areas, rather than allowing the No-Bid Contractors to bring in cheaper labor. But the idea is still sound. Americans who are willing to do what the Federal Government has been unwilling to pay to do. Now that's showing the greatness of allowing the Free Market System to win this Cold War, just like it won the last cold war.

So what we need to do is build on this base.

We need to explain to the Department of Defense that they are just going to have to get over themselves, and get past their "Public Utility" mindset and accept that they will have to work within a leaner and meaner economic reality. I am not going to say that this will be easy. We do have the problem of the ILEC's, and the difficulties we have seen in the other sectors of the economy as they have been freed from the dibilitation of excessive government oversite. But I am more than sure that a simple cutting in half the DOD budget will help them focus on their core mission, and their core profit centers! This would also allow us to balance the budget and harvest the rewards of allowing the Free Market System to do it's glorious and victorious wins in the WhateverOnWhomever.

A similar approach to the rest of the so called department of homeland security would help weed out the irrelevant programs that have not really provided us with any more so-called national security than before.

In short it is time to end the federal government's monopolistic practices and move from the welfare state model of a military to the bright new day of a Free Market System where all americans can buy and sell their security requirements in an open and transparent market for national security.

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