drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

that law meme again

I think this is a natural outgrowth of the example the US has set over the past few years. People no longer believe that the rule of law is something they must adhere to as long as they can justify their actions as being done to "protect the country." I suppose it was always so, but America has made a fetish out of this excuse through this decade so I think it's taken on a new veneer of legitimacy. Certainly, it has made it impossible for any American leader to condemn this sort of thing with even the slightest bit of credibility.
[ cf For Our Own Good ]
What if one of the BigUglies of americana is that we allowed Rex Lex to degenerate into merely the Sloane Rangers who could slouch around waiting to collect their title, and return to the privacy of their estates....

what if there were some utility in restoring the rule of law, as a practical matter, and not merely as a fashion trend.

Even if that would mean ending the TortureState for a land where laws were the only Monarchy and Royalty allowed.

How ever would we go about such a horror story....
Tags: law, memewar

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