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But Education is a mamby pamby liberal Thingie...

The Texas Bush left behind leads the nation in crime, pollution and poverty. It trails the nation in education, quality of life, and the environment. American education has deteriorated inversely with the rise of right wing politics! An example is 'Texas' and every child that Bush left behind. Texas beats out Mississippi for DEAD LAST in high school graduations at the same time that it LEADS the nation in executions due to the state's extremely high crime rate!

This, I believe, is due to the neglect given a fact-based, a science-based liberal education. This is, I am convinced, the result of the influence of fanatics and 'religionists' upon education. This, I believe, is a medieval triumph of superstition over science, of claptrap over logic, bullshit over verifiable fact, ideology and nonsense over inquiry and good sense.

[ cf Texas: The Gulag wasteland Bush left behind ]
What the existentialist cowboy needs to put into play to help ground this, is the wider context in which science and technology got merged in the american memeOsphere, and then the failures of various technologies, in the corporate culture, would lead to a backlash against science as well... One of those cases of liberals throwing out the bathroom with the bath water.

It was in the context of getting in touch with one's inner navel lint that helped the religious organizations get their toe hold into the end of education. In like manner so many neoCons devolved from marxianista into authoritarians with a cheap grace complex, as the way to weasle their way to saying what ever will get them paid enough....

So while I agree with the general theme and conclusion, we need to work on making sure we are dealing with the right frameworks, and not merely wasting our time in themBashing. What will it take to retake the american framework and return the debate about whether america to a real historical discussion of the over arching progressions....

What we can do, as we go through the wreckage of Texas, is work out how the various parts got Enronized, and how that process is tied to which meme set. We may even be able to arrive at a place where we can speculate about testable hypothesis, and from there to moral evaluations, and if we get really Power Motivated, to the requisite laws that will make it clear that in america we do not support the enronizations of our american way of life.
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