drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Bad Headline, No Kookie....

Rumsfeld Says He Made A Mistake On Scrapping Geneva Conventions. Sort Of.
What an interesting idea - since it argues that the implementation specific details in american law, that take the 'geneva convention' from being some nice to think about ideas, to that legal standard where they are on par with the Berne Convention for copyright protection, were, well, not really like, uh, law. Or at least not really like the sort of law that criminalizes crime.

Hum.... What if americans were to adopt the idea that law were something of some value slightly greater than playing dungeons and dragons in daddy's basement, all dressed up, and ready to chill....

What if a structural problem in this whole GrindHouseMythos of the anti-hero who works outside of the law, is, well, a bad framework for DOING governmental work! If one wanted to be the next GrindHouse Sartana, should Rummy have at least learned about fashion, and the need to be his own man... rather than a mere corporate flunky, in his own little socialist welfare state HELL.

The whole Geneva Convention thing is not really that complex and complicated.... So what really was Rummy's Problem? Was he too focus'd on his real concerns? Maximizing his profit margin? Or What?

What if it were more than a simple Process Error...
Tags: war_crimes

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