drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

We Will, We Will, Crush YOU!

Get ready for the Terminator IOU market.
Thank god it's not like the state sank all it had into a DERIVATIVES SCANDAL, like Orange County did once... since of course, we were smarter, and rather than address the political folly of Prop-13 on the revenue stream, and the folly of mandatory prison sentances for non-violent drug offenses, and that growing list of silly things.... We have been, well, Californicated by the Ideological Struggles...

Maybe now folks will think about Preventing those Illegal Space Aliens from Area51 who want to take away the high paying jobs in what ever it is that we hire illegal space aliens to do, so that we can take the delta between what we pay them, and what we would have to pay an earthling, and invest that in safe as mommy's boobies hedge funds, that have blown the FICK UP because those evil liberals stopped clapping their hands and believing that Tinker Belle was going to come back to live and make it all grand!!!

So why not call for one more recall thingie? or is that the true measure of the horror, there is no longer the loose cash floating around to fund such a silliness....

Ah yes... will we finally see the california legislature and the governator go into a rehab programme? Or will we just keep on doing nothing....
Tags: economics

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