drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why do the liberals hate the free market?

Yes, WaPo got rid of that evil liberal stab the troops in the back guy. So why shouldn't they lead the way in the sale and optioning of access to the Obamanation and Lobbyist in the Market of Free Trade In Free Acess to the Freer FreeDomes???

Aren't these issues best left to the free market to decide with it's rational expectations, that have been the back bone of the economic Revival that has been reviving since long before the first Klintonesta imposed the horrors of socialism.... Clearly if Nixon had been willing to defeat the enemy, rather than kowTowing to the radical hard left, then the US Dollar would have CRUSHED GOLD as a medium of exchange, and all would know the Awesome Power of Americanism let free to free the freeDome out of everyone with the complete unbridled power of the Free Market!!!

Thus anyone seeking to Destroy the Power of WaPo that the FreeMarket, under Jesus's guidance, has given to the WaPo, they are merely being socialized medicine trying to poison freedome with their hatred of our american way of life....
Tags: economics, republican_pron

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