drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The 4th Of July Is Under Attack By Radical Extremists

Colbert Report on The Horror

That is SOOO frightening....

But I guess to protect Jesus, we need to stop the environmental extremists... Why with any luck we could see this all in some bigger KulturKampf as amercains fight against the new WaterGater, which is that thingie over at the EPA where they are not accepting 'hobby works' as science, since they are all in this thing about how science is science...

Which, yes, means that not only is Dubya the New Klinton, but we all embrace the understanding that Nixon was always the New Klinton....

So remember, when doing your New Part remember that new is the new conservativism, since the old conservativism is so like last whatEver....
Tags: colbert, memewar

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