drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

SoCal Under Siege From GayHomoZeXualist Capitale Gaines Taxers

Now the Sheriff's Department is in lockdown, refusing to answer any questions while allegedly conducting their own internal investigation of the incident. But what jumps out to me is that the DA's Office in San Diego is still deciding whether or not to file charges against the two women Abbott arrested during his rampage.
[ cf Berserk ]
Well, there it is, proof that the Terror of the Tyranny Of Obamanation has so obviously turned america into one big armed bunkered down compound under siege, with all of those types milling around outside like the ZombieOutBreakOfSocializedMedicine!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to stop THEM!!!

{ remember boys and nonPerkin, if you can not defeat them at the polls, remember to retain the various military and para-military forces who understand the growing ZombieMexiCanukIstanianSomaliPirate problem in your area. }
Tags: republican_pron

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