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Which hobby?

Shock: Hobby Report Deep-Sixed at EPA!
The comedy of the 'brutal suppression' is a thread that is thread bare.
The concern I have is with what does professionalism really add to the knowledge base?

I am not going to worry about the validity of the report that was independently submitted to the EPA. But rather with the 'hobby frame'.

When we start with the actual history of science, we notice that a lot of the folks were not paid professional scientist, but that awkward collection of folks chasing an idea. So I am always a bit nervous about whining at hobbiests...

Especially since much of the open source software world comes from folks willing to do the right thing.

So as a frame, I think a lot of us should be supporting it as a good thing! That folks should be taking the time to be both vocational, and avocational! And in the latter, there are many great places to take one's general skill mix and look at issues outside of one's professional field.

Ah yes...

I lived with a guy who wanted to get his fudge brownies to six sigma... God how we suffered for his Art, since, well, if they did not meet his requirements, he wanted to throw them out... and so we had to eat fast.... Oh The Pain! The Horror! The Angst undt onWeee!!!

I think it would help america if MORE folks were willing to get engaged in doing their own homework on issues like peak oil, and climate warming, and economics, and cogSci...

That we took these issues at least as seriously as which ever 'boob bouncing bating blather' gets offered up as the filler between the blipVerts!

So attack the man's bad methodology, or the media for making false claims about their gooder use of the 'appeal to authority' falacy....

But maybe the fact that it was done as a 'hobby' is not the central point of the problem. And we can do more damage to the KulturKampf than merely this or that report on science stuff....
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