drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Argumentum Ad Dubya Im Wmas

dr_strych9 recently mentioned to me that some americans might not see the full discussion of my simple advocacy of:

Put the Dubya Back Into Wmas.
It's what the Argument From Intelligent Design Demands

He of course "understands" my antipathy for the secularized "xmas", coupled as it is with the various efforts to explain that majikally the nation has always been the One True And Only Correct Form of Xtianity. But there is a bit more in the discussion that needs to be addressed.

Let us start with the simple problem of the Argument From Intelligent Design - since there are two basic paths that we can take from it. The first is the generally accepted position that it is merely stealth creationism put forward to re-introduce a specific brand of Xtianity into the school system. But to adopt this position, it would mean that those who will argue in court that it is NOT stealth creationism are actually lying in a court of law. This would not seem to be one of the virtues of christianity. I know that there are many cults where lying is considered a requirement, but as a general consensus, christianity has not been one of those cults.

This leaves us with the problem that if the Argument From Intelligent Design is NOT stealth creationism then it is not required to argue that there is but One God, all that is required is that there is some 'divine creator', or some sort of 'builder of the cosmic watch'. Which could be anything from the Vogon Construction Crew right on through to my preferred position, namely that it establishes the Divinity of Dubya.

Now the typical bush basher might oppose the Divinity of Dubya idea - but ironically, because that idea is itself engaged in some level of complexity, it also validates that the Argument From Intelligent Design is NOT stealth creationism and that the Divine Will is, well, the only answer when things are really tough and complex. Hence we once again arrive at the position that it must establish the Divinity of Dubya.

Given the current crisis of faith amongst the 'social conservatives' and their 'radical social agenda', which is itself somewhat difficult to explain to most folks. I mean, how exactly does one have social conservatives that are advocating radical social agenda. But fortunately for us, we have the Argument From Intelligent Design and hence more proof that it establishes the Divinity of Dubya.

tomscud has been trying to deal with the traditional defects in the traditional arguments about the rise of the american psuedo fascist movement in america. So the idea came to me that it would be useful to offer both the left and the right a common ground where they could meet and agree on at least one thing. Namely the Need to Put the Dubya Back Into Wmas.

As one of my co-workers noted the other day, what he knows about religion is about as much as most other folks, and beyond what little he has been able to learn to be at least a 'conservative' in his own, he really doesn't know much about the rest of this. Which is probably as honest an assessment as most americans have about their civil and private religious movements. For almost 30 years now I have been opposed to 'celebrating Xmas' because in america it is a part of the civil religion, and not a part of the Christian Church History or Doctrine.

I have elsewhere written on the point that the term once was "Christ Mass" long before it was shortened first to 'christmas' and then again to the Xmas to save on printers ink. The transition here is also bogged down in the after effects of the protestant reformation and the roman catholic counter-reformational movements. There has been the effort to restore a level of ecumenicalism in america after the ugly days of the Anti-Papist Attitudes that came out when Nixon ran against Kennedy back in 1960, that became, well, unpalletable, when JFK became an american Icon. In some quarters that 'icon' has clearly risen to the level of Idolatry - but that is another issue in itself.

So since americans are not too sure how to deal with their Civil Religions, and our friends in the radical extremist so called "Evangelical" movement, believe that we absolutely MUST have a civil religion - since we must have the 'under god' in the pledge, et al, even if it is not that they mean that this means that the 'god' denotes ONLY their One True And Only Evangelical Christian God - you know that old bugga boo about trinitarianism v. unitarianism, let us not go down that rat hole and believe that the singular works well enough.

Given also that so many of these so called "Evangelicals" are willing to whip out ideological arguments about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire - rather than discussing say the Death of the Roman Republic - hey, why not just step up to the plate and make that whole "first century christianity" a viable option for that. Clearly this should help us move right along from the failures of the Republic, through the failures of the Empire, and then, well, I guess, the glorious new day when all of the Jedi Mind Tricks will work better.

All of which leads to the clear and compelling need to Put the Dubya Back into Wmas - so that as a nation we can move forward to the deification and veneration of The Greatest Military Leader EVER!

Yes, I know, for those who wish to equivocate that previously it had been Xmas, so what? It had been Christ Mass when it was a part of the Church Calendar. Why not simply accept that in this new time we must accept the need for new prior histories as a part of keeping america safe from evil doers everywhere. I mean it really is no more complex a problem than any of the other issues of what "the founding father's meant" or any of the other minor vagaries about which Traditional American Family Values use to have always been.

So now, can we simply get on with putting the Dubya Back into Wmas!

You know! As the Argument from Intelligent Design Demands!

Update: I think GOD was trying to tell me something about this idea - so I have cleared up that broken token section. Mea Kulpa.

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