drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is stopping the Torture State even on the agenda?

Are there more pressing issues that need to be addressed, like helping americans come to understand how and why they have no National Health Defense initiative to protect them from the vagaries of disease and accidents.

Or would this be a bad time to wonder how exactly we are going to work on preventing the next Massive Hedge Fund Hemorrhaging due to the mere folly of man, and man's blind religious commitment to the Voodoo Economics of the "Rational market will provide"?

Is the real problem that we have not replaced the canon courts, and the true faithing, that is allegedly required to make a mere rule of law work? That ultimately those who opposed the Godless United States Of America Constitution, as, well being godless, and without a National TrueReligious Arbitors Of God's OneTrueWay.... And that this is really the big problem....

Or is there a need to start by restoring the rule of law, then working along with all of these issues, until the illegal detention without right of trial or appeal, is no longer even an acceptable compromise with the devil! And in that state we no longer need to worry about the Torture State, since no person detained by the government would be flushed into some majikal space beyond the reach of the rule of Law....

Hum... what if there were a system by which the young were raised to know certain things, and not abandoned to the whim and vagaries of the market....
Tags: economics, education, law, politics

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