drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What Is Attorney General Phill Kline's Interest In UnderAge Sexual Practices

If there is ANYTHING that cheeses me off about these Radical Left Wing America Bashing Red Socialist Puppets of the whole Dark And Sinister
It is their irrational desire to have their personal pet perversions paid for out of the Tax Payer's Money!!!!
Kansas' chief law enforcement officer misread the law and in doing so threatened the sexual privacy of the state's teenagers, a federal judge in Wichita ruled Tuesday.

In a case watched across the nation, U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten ruled that Kansas health care providers should retain discretion in deciding what teenage sexual activities they report to the state as abuse. Attorney General Phill Kline had wanted most sexual contact involving children under age 16 reported.

Marten pointed out that both sides agreed certain abusive acts should always be reported, including incest, sexual abuse of a child by an adult, and sex involving a child under age 12.

"Therefore, the only issue presented is whether consensual underage sexual activity must be reported," Marten wrote.

[ cf Judge rules against Kline in teen-sex case ]
Hello!!! Do a Google! Get your Credit Card Out!!! Get the DVD's and full sized blow up dolls just like everyone else!!! Stop Requiring the Tax Payers to PAY for your fetish about under age sex!!!

Either that Or GET A LIFE!!!

Rent the Expensive Parts!!! if you have to, but stop Grovelling In the Pockets Of The Taxpayers for your Filthy PreVersion!!!!

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