drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

You can not say that.... Oh Please...

My EVIL LIBERAL friend pointed me to Oklahoma Republicans Ready to Blame the Recession on ‘Debauchery’ - and used the phrase "petri dish for wingnuttery." as if to blame some of this on Science...
One has to worry that the freaks at HuffingTonKvetch also miss out on a chance to point out that the 'debauchery' that might be worth addressing were the old fashion concerns about avarice, sloth, hubris, not to mention lack of regulatory oversight....

But that way of course leads us into the UGLY of how is it that we should talk about the start of the liquidity UnderThawing that fired in 3rd quarter of 2007, when Obama was not even the dahling Of hatred in the trendier batches of NeoConLustMuffins... Or are we suppose to detach the analysis of liquidity from the flow of what makes Economies Go Zoom, Zoom...
Tags: economics, religion, republican_pron

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