drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got earWorm? Or is tunafish the new guacamole?

p1: Google thought deluge of Jackson searches was an attack
p2: Orbital Mind-Control Time-Traveling Lasers!

Ok, I can empathise with Googgle. They are dealing with an interesting social phenom. Why is it that americans have this dangerous attack of people who have given over the meaning of their life to the wealth of earWorms who have replaced their cognitive capacities....

I love the 'Orbital Mind-Control Time-Traveling Lasers' theme, since, well... what would it be like to live in a place where we allowed politics to abandon all forms of reason and replace the process with mere earWorming the infectables!!!

Or should folks be willing to step back and start working from 'first principles' from time to time, actually looking at how the brain actually works, so as to see it's impact upon how the mind does it's part for Patriotism and Total Commitment to great leader.

We had fun today, since the Evil madmerle opted against having my lovely tunafish salad rice and bean burrito's, on the ground that she sorta didn't like relish with tunafish, and had ideologically dangerous commitments to the unestablished theory that tunafish is not a candidate for inclusion in food systems based upon a flat bread, beans, rice, and that other thing....

This gave us a chance to discuss when is it a 'discrimination' and when is it mere 'prejudice'. How do we deal with the minds ability to put forward plausible conclusions from a list of input. How do we deal with the experimental models? { and the HORROR of when the experiment, such as actually tasting the tuna showes that the NULL Hypothesis sucked bilge! }

Could it be that the rush/savagae/TalkRadioWankaThon is, well, one more proof positive that reasoning is not always a useful facet in the process....

On the flip side of the coin, the Evil madmerle offered me the interesting insight, that there are words that we have read, but have not gone to the dictionary to look up the pronunciation guide.... in this case the phoneme for the day brought us Torpor...

In that space we looked at how, if we have no gooder reason to find a better ProNunctications, we just haul along what's we short handed.

Makes one wonder if when we are in the other parts of the world, if 'meanings' are also short circuited to only what we need to know enough about, so as to get to the end of the sentence. Without bothering to worry if the new meaning would work and play well with all of the other meaningful bits in one's brain. I ran into this over the last few days, since I am lot the fiction type, I never associated 'to lose the plot' with literature - but with my training as a tactical plot, and the ability to put DEATH UPON THE UNBELIEVER within acceptable weapon's deployment profiles.....

That these close enough approximations of meaning are well, good enough for most of us most of the time - but can become massively BAD when we allow this sort of lax mental model to keep feeding the earWormsOfIdeologicalDeviationalism....

So is 'tunafish' the new 'guacamole' that evil liberals hate? because they hate the billie jean in the white house who controls spaceborne flotilla of orbital mind-control time traveling lasers that causes immorality like Ensign Sanford of the new McHale's navy?
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