drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

On rediscovering Old Fallacies

A thought about macroeconomics

What if there were a need to remember what was learned?
Or perchance to keep annotations and glosses on why this or that theory is SO FAIL!
What if The Great Ignornace were about more than merely economics?

So yes, reading There's something about macro will help with the specifics of MacroEconomics.

But how shall we address the problems of things that are argued, like the metaphysicians of lore, in the semiCommonSense, so that we can intentionally advance mere ignorance. Forcing the society and species to keep relearning the same stoopid!

What if Mere Blind Loyalty To The Experts, is, well, a starting point in the problem. Which means that we would need to address and manage the construction of systems that merely ask people to simply pay the price of loyalty - at all cost! What if we wanted to teach them about the utility of knowledge, and that it might exist independent of the "wealth of knowledge" that is earned by Great Leader After he has Slain the Demons of the Unbelievers...

Ok, so I love the whole DungeonAndDragon cult as a lovely place to find stranger metaphours. Since, well, I had the big laugh about myself when a friend passed along the meme:
Palladins, they do what is on the tin."
and i thot for a moment, and yes, I always read the side of cans...

But it also provides this strange set of discussion points about how folks visualize morality, warfare, cultural interactions, and a whole lot of other stuff....

What I really worry about is the creation of our current ProWarTypes who are all gung-ho about others running off to the 'hostile fire pay zone'. Since at least they learned that there was no really reason for DecentSorts to serve in vietnam, all one needed was to become the right type of Rush or DeLay, having won the battles against the evil wizards of liberalism.... And found the True Ring of Divination that allows them to correctly read the Gnostic Truths about what the founding fathers actually meant to write in the Constitution, but the DarkLordsOfEvilLiberalism would not allow them. So the Founding Father's hid the true national treasure in the invisible constituiton which will reveal the true way to the correct salvation.

{ oh, sorry, didn't mean this to become a discussion about ConLaw, and how to find the Con in the Law. }

But what if framing the dialog is, well, a Film Noir gag that steps off the screen, looks up a patsy, and tags them as the root cause of the problem...

So if we are going to take that route, why not at least try to Build a Bridge Out Of Them. Rather than merely burning them at the stake...
Tags: economics, memewar

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