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Fixing the Metaphours may be harder.

Farrah Fawcett's Anal Cancer: Fighting the Stigma
Anal Cancer Does Not Connote Promiscuity

It is always amusing that we have these metaphours about morality that bind various emotive states to things which are not really 'moral' issues. Such as light, purity, dark, rotten... So that we wind up constructing stigma in places which may not make sense.

I am reminded of one of my insane friends who got all neoLiberalWhiney about uses of 'darkness' as being in some way racist. Because, well, Negro's have a higher melanin count. Once that thot got wedged into a nerual pathway. It took precedence over all reality. In this case the problems of why it was that there were 'darkness issues' in africa in their morality tales that were not merely proof of western cultural imperialism...

So on top of the usual ToiletTrainingAtGunPoint discussions, we might do well to look at the horrors of why we correlate this with that... How much of the promiscuity kvetch rests on the 'strong father figure' family metaphor, and that of course, one can share themselves with NonMalePerkin, but like General Jack D. Ripper, it is important to deny them my essence. Which is a reasonable conclusion to reach after an analysis of Yes, a uh, a profound sense of fatigue... a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I... I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence.

In that reality space there really is only room for the idea of sexual congress for one, and only one purpose at all, which as we all know is permenante capitale gains taxes... Yes, Capitale Gains Taxes, are how They rob realMen of their Purity Of Essence...

I will agree with most folks that it seems an irrational association. But let us step back and rethink the frameworks. Wealth is gained because of discipline and obedience. Any taking of that is clearly a corruption... And only a 'nanny state' would allow such a putrification of the core morality! Given that gays are not into creating wealth by having children - since of course we can not have a baby born of adam and steve.... It follows that they can only acquire them by corrupting the innocence of the next potential Jack D. Ripper!

Whereas realMen know how to not lose their essence.

In this case, clearly IF frau Fawcett had ONLY followed Orders. Then she would never have been near anyone who could have passed along human papilloma virus. Never mind that this is a virii that is the primary cause of cervical cancer...

Never mind any of that stuff in the christian doctrine about allowing remarriage to former sinners.

The metaphour of corruption takes precedence.... Even above rational thought, and mere science.

When we step back and notice that the real horror of 'gay marriages' is the threat to the identity developed in the 'strong father family' model - of not merely a nuclear family, but the socio-political philosophy it develops. We notice the horror that the mere existence of deviants IS a threat to the well ordered world! The very identity of so many folks who embrace and identify with the authoritarian/loyaltyOnly narrative.

It is bad enough that folks might stray from TheTruePath, and share their essence with 'nonMalePerkin', but to degrade themselves... Why that is like saying that some people embark upon sexual congress for reasons other than cutting capitale gaines taxes!!! And that clearly makes no rational sense at all!

So there solving the socio-cultral issues may be harder to fix than merely finding a cure.

But it may help folks look at which frame of the dialog we are actually in! So that we can step back, and reframe the discourse. Even if that means allowing for the idea that Sexual Congress might be about more than merely Capitale Gaines Taxes!!!

Who knows, in that context, Science might cease to be the Kult Of The Enemy, their false Idolatry, their Demon Spawn. Why Science would be merely a mechanism for putting forward a series of premises to establish a conclusion, and the constraints and complications of such a limited process devoid of the TrueDivineRevelations!

{ I am sure there are other cultural reasons why Jacko is more important in the american instiInfoWorld, as a more now thing than the boring tedium of Iran, and that place where the liberals sent our troops to support some blue helmetted one worlder agenda! }
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